Aboriginal Cultural Training Program


We, Aboriginal peoples of Australia, belong to the oldest, continued cultural practices in
the world. This is a powerful statement that we the Australian Aborigine can unequivocally
make. Aboriginal culture and history is steeped in traditions, stories, songs, dances and art
and goes back to the Dreamtime which is unique to Australia. All Australians can share in
these stories of how the world was made; how we relate to and pay respect to Mother Earth;
how we relate to each other and our environment, caring for our lands and how all things
have a special place an must be respected.

Over the last 212 years State and Federal Government policies have had detrimental results
for our people. Despite this constant turmoil and adverse effects to our health and wellbeing,
Aboriginal people have remained strong in our identity and culture.

Today Aboriginal people have established our own organisations and programs to rectify
these social issues. We work in all aspect of society as doctors, lawyers, teachers, business
people receptionists and CEOs of our own organisations.

It is our responsibility to share these stories with our own people as well as the wider public
so that we can all work together to make sure that we have an inclusive society where we can
all benefit from the thousands of years of Aboriginal knowledge and experiences.

Aboriginal cultural is all around us; we just need to learn what it is and then we can see it.
We will be happy to take you to look at some of the wonderful sites around our city or you
can sit down and have a cup a cup of tea in our Wyanga home and be presented with
interesting stories of our past and present from our Elders.

To learn more about Aboriginal culture and history from our Elders please contact us
on reception@wyanga.org.au or phone 02 9319 7175 to make a booking.