Who we are

Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care was established in 1996 and gained its autonomy and incorporation as a community organisation in December 1999.

The Wyanga Aged Care Program is funded by the Department of Social Services, to provide aged care services to local Aboriginal Aged Elders, living in their homes.

Wyanga is able to provide a range of services, individually tailored to meet the specific needs of a client. Once a client has been assessed and is proven to meet the set criteria to receive Wyanga’s support, a support package will then be individually tailored for each client, depending on the services and assistance needed.

Wyanga is able to provide a number of services to clients, such as providing carers, home help for older people, assistance with transport, etc. as well as offering programs of activities to clients such as Art Classes, Outings, visits to other Elders Groups.

Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care operates by seven identifiable standards of service, which contribute to achieving quality culturally appropriate aged care outcomes for clients and carers.  The standards are to:

  1. Provide prospective clients with sufficient information available to make an informed choice.
  2. Provide eligible clients with adequate monitoring arrangements to identify and respond to any changes.
  3. Invite client/carer participation in determining a care plan in which he or she can feel confident.
  4. Focus on the social and cultural independence of each client/carer.
  5. Foster our cultural practices in terms of ‘Respect for our Elders’ and provide services which should be delivered in a manner that promotes the clients dignity and values to our community.
  6. Provide clients/carers access to fair and effective procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes: and
  7. Ensure that clients have access to an advocate to represent his/her interests, if needed.





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